Schwarzer Hund “Black Dog” German Shepherds. Located in beautiful, rural, east-central Alabama near Auburn University and just thirty minutes from the Georgia border. We breed German Shepherd Dogs from working lines for work, sport, protection, families and companionship.

Our Dogs

We feature black German Shepherds though we also have blanket back, bi-colors and sables with both short-stock and long-stock coats. Aesthetics aside, our prime objectives in breeding are; soundness, even-temperament, good nerve, ability, and intelligence. Our breeding stock is in top physical condition & dogs and pups come with a 26-month contractual health guarantee covering many major diseases, as well as hereditary hip and elbow dysplasia. We have placed dogs in over forty states and three countries.

Our Puppies

At Schwarzer Hund German Shepherds we welcome questions from our prospective clients and ask a few questions in turn. It is very important to us that the right puppy goes to the right home. We pride ourselves on helping select the best pup to suit a client’s specific wants and needs.

Our Training

Schwarzer Hund GSD provides trained dogs as well as training services. We have both dedicated trainers on our staff as well as outside consultants with a shared wealth of experience in obedience and protection work. We specialize in training German Shepherds and other large breed dogs.

Captain Max Von Stephanitz

β€œThe breeding of shepherd dogs is the breeding of working dogs; and this must always be the aim, or we shall cease to produce shepherd dogs.”

Captain Max Von Stephanitz
Founder of the German Shepherd Dog

Breeding German Shepherds

Why We breed from Working Lines

Working line German Shepherds are a specific type of German Shepherd that is bred for working ability rather than show conformation. They are typically high-energy, high-drive dogs that are intelligent, confident, and eager to please. Physically they tend to be lean and muscular without the sloped back and exaggerated hind leg angulation of the show line GSDs. While they are used in a variety of working roles they can also make excellent companion dogs.

Dogs from our breeding program at Schwarzer Hund German Shepherds have excelled in just about every job there is for a dog to do; including dual-purpose police dogs, detection dogs, search and rescue dogs, therapy dogs, emotional support dogs, medical alert dogs and PTSD support dogs. That said, the majority of our German Shepherds go to families and individuals to act as balanced companions that are simultaneously loyal, protective and trustworthy. It is just another important job for them to do.

Characteristics of the Working Line German Shepherd

Male working line German Shepherds typically weigh between 70 and 80 pounds while females typically weigh between 65 and 75 pounds.
They have a double coat that can be either short or long. The outer coat is medium to coarse, and the undercoat is soft and dense.
The most common colors of working line German Shepherds are black and tan, sable, and black.
Working line German Shepherds usually have a lifespan of 10 to 12 years.
They can be very good with children and other pets, but early socialization and training is important.

Client Photos

Many thanks to our wonderful clients who have shared photos of their German Shepherds enjoying life in their new homes.

Schwarzer Hund Black German Shepherd Puppy sitting on bed
Lexa, Schwarzer Hund German Shepherd puppy, jumping over fence
Schwarzer Hund German Shepherd puppy peeking through stairs
Black Schwarzer Hund German Shepherd dog enjoying a swim

Client Testimonials

Duke [is the] Best Dog Ever! For anyone thinking about getting a GSD, go to Robert! He is awesome and we consider him part of the family. We got Duke back in September 2015 and he is the best. We have three boys and Duke does wonderful with all of them and with other kids. He is playful but very sweet. He loves to run and he always loves to be first. He gives great hugs and loves his mom and dad. He is a constant joy and I can't imagine our life without him. I would recommend Schwarzer Hund GSD to anyone looking for a great dog. We board Duke with Robert when we go out of town and we always feel at ease because we know he is in good hands. GSD take work and we have made sure Duke is socialized and he does well with people. He goes every where with my husband and his favorite thing is to ride in the truck to pick the kids up at school. All the kids love to see him. Duke is the most popular dog in Birmingham!

Roberta & Scott Sanfratel February 2nd, 2017

My husband and I researched for a long time before deciding to buy a German Shepard from Robert. We wanted a black GSD for a guard/family dog. We are so glad we decided to buy from Robert. We live in Idaho and had our boy, blue boy from litter BB out of Ella and Theo shipped to us. Robert was up very late into the night to call us every step of the way to make sure our puppy got to us safe and sound. His breeding was immediately apparent and still is in everything he does. He is very obedient and gentle and protective with our children. And to top it off he is the most beautiful dog. We are so so pleased we went with Robert to purchase our dog. We very very highly recommend Robert.

Michael and Darla Jons October 14th, 2014


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