Client Testimonials

The following testimonials were submitted by Schwarzer Hund clients on our old website’s guestbook between 2006-2018. You can also find current and future reviews of Schwarzer Hund on Google and Facebook.

I have been researching and looking for a GSD since last spring. I would like a black or dark sable for a family/watch dog. We live out in the country and our dogs get lots of exercise and are always with us. I'm looking forward to visiting Schwartzer Hund GS next month to see the dogs! So far I like what I've seen on the website and read in all the reviews on Facebook and Google.

Celeste Lovett March 22nd, 2018

Duke [is the] Best Dog Ever! For anyone thinking about getting a GSD, go to Robert! He is awesome and we consider him part of the family. We got Duke back in September 2015 and he is the best. We have three boys and Duke does wonderful with all of them and with other kids. He is playful but very sweet. He loves to run and he always loves to be first. He gives great hugs and loves his mom and dad. He is a constant joy and I can't imagine our life without him. I would recommend Schwarzer Hund GSD to anyone looking for a great dog. We board Duke with Robert when we go out of town and we always feel at ease because we know he is in good hands. GSD take work and we have made sure Duke is socialized and he does well with people. He goes every where with my husband and his favorite thing is to ride in the truck to pick the kids up at school. All the kids love to see him. Duke is the most popular dog in Birmingham!

Roberta & Scott Sanfratel February 2nd, 2017

Angel (Sky Girl) is an incredible dog. She is 7 months old now and what a dog! She is extremely intelligent, very active, strong, and very sweet. We have 2 children under 5 and she is very protective over them and very considerate. She is the definition of aloof at the moment having grown to over 50 lbs. She walks well on a leash and we have made efforts to socialize her since we got her and we feel we can take her anywhere. She's a great dog. Thank you!

Drew Woods May 2nd, 2016

looking for a GSD — I lost my GSD last Nov. He was 12 1/2 years old. he was wonderful. i am thinking i might be ready to get another GSD and came across your webside.loved the pictures of your dog and love your philosophy. i live in Enterprise Al. would love to come and visit your kennel.

Marita Patrick February 21st, 2016

Axe is doing AMAZING in Colorado. He's super-excited about everything and he's got a good, but goofy head on his shoulders. He's truly a perfect fit. He LOVES the 420 acre dog park here, normally we play ball, but with the help of a few treats to learn that frisbees were for carrying with mouths - frisbees are the best thing for the snow. He will be going through "Rattlesnake Avoidance" training in May. I think his favorite things are: Yogurt. Best stuff ever. Snow. Best stuff ever. Peanut Better. Best stuff ever. Ball. People. BEST FRIEND FOR 30 SECONDS! Frisbee. NOT the e-collar. Carrots [cause mom won't let me have rawhide - she tried. I failed.] I didn't realize the true benefit of having a breeder who does loud activities around the pups until Axe's first lightning storm here. He as taking a nap, looked up at me and passed back out again. We went to the porch and he joined for company, not really reacting at all. I've met SO many dogs that get terrified by lightning and thunder, but I'm pretty sure Axe will never have to worry about it. Here is Axe playin with a Yoga Ball -- it has died recently, and needs to be replaced. TOTALLY worth it [although it terrified him when it deflated b/c it was 'gone']:

Eternity February 18th, 2016

Robert, Nikko [Sable Male GSD] is a little over 5 mos. now. He is truly an amazing dog. Couldn't be more pleased with him. Thanks, Joe Carr Commercial Equipment Service Panama City Beach, FL

Joe Carr September 30th, 2015

GSD puppies — I am looking for a female, light coloring for companion and personal protection. I an 72 and live alone. Have had German Shephards since I was 14 so I am partial to that breed. I would like to visit your training facility and see puppies that are available.

Patricia Herring September 5th, 2015

Nikko from Nikki & Apache's Litter — Robert, Good call on Nikko! He is exactly the GSD I was looking for. Great in every aspect. 15 weeks old and excels at all his commands.15 weeks old and already showing his protective nature when he's working with me during the day.He's hard as a rock and requires some decent corrections in his training but he is exactly what I was looking for.Got one of the best bites I've ever seen on his tug to for such a young age. Already outs like a pro. He wouldn't be your every day GSD by any means. Love him and we have a great pack relationship. He sleeps by my bed every night. He's a great dog from obviously good working lines. Thanks again. It is a pleasure working him. Joe Carr Commercial Equipment Service 19211 PCB Parkway Panama City Beach, FL 32413

Joe Carr August 10th, 2015

I'm looking for a black Shepherd(Male). I came across your Web-Site, I live in Salisbury Maryland. I'm a Police Officer/Teacher, looking to purchase with full registration.

Wade Chambers December 8th, 2014

My husband and I researched for a long time before deciding to buy a German Shepard from Robert. We wanted a black GSD for a guard/family dog. We are so glad we decided to buy from Robert. We live in Idaho and had our boy, blue boy from litter BB out of Ella and Theo shipped to us. Robert was up very late into the night to call us every step of the way to make sure our puppy got to us safe and sound. His breeding was immediately apparent and still is in everything he does. He is very obedient and gentle and protective with our children. And to top it off he is the most beautiful dog. We are so so pleased we went with Robert to purchase our dog. We very very highly recommend Robert.

Michael and Darla Jons October 14th, 2014

Gunnar — I couldn’t have picked a better person than Robert as a breeder; he made everything very simple through the entire process. After months of researching and talking with breeders as far away as 8 hours drive from my home in Alabama I made the decision to purchase my puppy from Robert Whitlock and his GSD’s because of his superior level of professionalism and expertise. After seeing his website and viewing previous litters I knew that I had found exactly what I wanted in a puppy. I had to wait 10 long weeks before I was fortunate enough to pick up Gunnar on the 28th of June. He was Black Boy from Litter ZZZ born from Tasha and Jerry Lee on May 10th 2014. Since his homecoming he has exceeded my expectations in every way. I am amazed on a daily basis as to how fast he is learning and growing. I have recommended everyone who has asked to Robert at Schwarzer Hund GSD. Robert, I can’t thank you enough for providing me this wonderful opportunity. I will email you pictures of him regularly. Thanks again for everything.

Nick Gardner August 12th, 2014

We are certainly glad that we came to you to purchase both of our GSD's, Freya and Ruger, as we now have the most beautiful litter of 7 pups that one could ever imagine. This litter of pups certainly shows how magnificent the blood lines of your kennels are. We have had the most fun helping our dogs to raise these puppies. They have each shown individual personalities as early as 5-6 weeks. We enjoyed watching you do the aptitude test on each of the puppies and learning just how "smart" our pups are. For anyone who wants to see these beautiful pups, just look at litter G-8 as Robert is assisting us with the sale of these puppies. We did learn that we have fairly large pups as they weighed from 7.5 lbs to 12.8 lbs at 6 weeks of age! They also were wonderfully socialized with other dogs, cats and children as we own 5 dogs and 1 cat and have a 2 yr old great grandson who has played with them since they were born. Our female dog, the mother, was very relaxed and let our grandson and friends handle the pups almost from the day they were born. Our male GSD, the father, took part in the raising of the pups by licking and playing with them almost from the start. It was such a joy to watch the interaction between this beautiful "family". Thanks Robert for breeding such wonderful animals for us to be able to enjoy.

Terry and Jan Bundies May 4th, 2014

Titan! We got Titan in early August and he is an amazing German Shepherd! I constantly receive comments about how gorgeous he is and how well behaved he is as a German Shepherd. Plenty of people have asked where I got him and I refer them to Schwarzer Hund for their GSD. Thank you for Titan! He just achieved his AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program certificate for training.

Amy December 2nd, 2013

Bentley Litter — Robert, Chris and I would like to thank you for being such an exceptional breeder. Our little Bentley is doing great, he knows how to sit and he's quickly learning to heel. Thank you again for what you do :) he's our bundle of joy!

Chris and Toni Dudley November 24th, 2013

Just got my 7 month year old Cooper back from training that we purchased from SHGS Robert and Mike did an awesome job training him and me in German commands look forward to sending him back for advanced. When purchasing a german shepherd you need to go see these guys they'll put you with a dog that fits your needs and that has a pedigree and looks to match. I get compliments on Cooper everywhere we go!

Brandon Tortorigi October 16th, 2013

Happy Birthday! Bella from Indiana (aka Camo Girl Litter T) wanted us to shout out a Happy One Year Birthday to all her brothers & sisters and a big hi to Robert, Dad Max & Mom Schatze! We'll be enjoying a pupcake later this evening.

Larry & Dawn Smith May 12th, 2010

I'm so sorry to hear about Evenlyn. She was a gorgeous and wonderful dog.

Holly March 24th, 2010

Nikita "Red Girl AA" — Wanted to update you on Nikita. She has done nothing but bring smiles to everyone's face she comes in contact with. She's got the best demeanor, personality, and the right amount of energy. Very social and pleasant! I can say that I'm very pleased and appreciate your input regarding her selection. Thanks again for driving her down to me in south Florida. It was great meeting you in person and I look forward to getting up there for a visit. If anyone wishes to contact me for a reference, please feel free. Thanks again, Robert.

Trevor Triebe March 5th, 2010

Robert, Just wanted to drop a line and compliment you on your breeding program. CJ or orange boy from litter "AA" pushing 8 weeks old and already proficient at his sit, down,and recall commands is a exceptional pup. He is my third GSD and I am amazed at the learning ability of this pup. After one rough night when I first brought him home he has excelled ever since. Pretty much totally crate trained with no accidents and loves my two cats and JRT. He definetly fits right in with the rest of the family. Great pup and thanks again. Joe Carr Commercial Equip. Svc. Panama City Beach, FL

Joe Carr February 13th, 2010

Once again I want to express to you how wonderfully happy we are to have Camo boy (Axel is his name now), as our new member of the Bombalier clan here in Minnesota. In the past, I have been privileged to have worked with some of the best Police K-9 dogs, Law enforcement has ever seen. Back in the early 80's, during the Miami riots, Cuban Mariel boat-lift and the Colombian/Cuban drug Wars. Miami Law-enforcement K-9 set many benchmark standards in the training and use of multi-specialized work dogs (most of which were GSD's). I have been blessed to have worked with some of the most loyal and fearless patrol partners, one can imagine. After spending my first night with 8-week-old Axel, I can tell you one thing. As puppies go, I have rarely seen all of the "right stuff" put together in one dog. This might sound like a very bold statement, but in my professional experience, Axel demonstrates most if not all of the temperamental, dispositional, and physical elements that would make him an above average dog. I commend you on your breeding program as well as the outstanding personal service and wise decisions you have provided me and my wife Juli with during the acquisition of this wonderful dog. We look forward to the next one from your kennel. Rod and Juli Bombalier Bloomington, Minnesota

Rod and Juli Bombalier January 22nd, 2010

Hi Robert, Camo boy (Axel) is doing great! He is absolutley phenomenal in areas of socialization, attentiveness to environment and handler, as well as courage. Every thing one can imagine in a future protection companion or even a disability assistance dog he possesses. Outstanding in every way! In over twenty five years of K-9 work, I have rarely seen a pup with such prospects!! Thank you for a wonderful dog. Roger and Juli, Bloomington Minnesota.

Roger and Juli B. Minnesota January 21st, 2010

Great site! I just got a GSD (Koen) a few weeks before Christmas. He's 14 weeks tomorrow. I enjoyed looking at all the pictures posted and your training videos!

Stephen January 11th, 2010

Breeder — hi great site lovely dogs and love max uma well done and good luck for 2010 melissa nightsdreamgsd.com

melissa December 26th, 2009

Robert, we just wanted to let you know that Ghotti "green boy from litter w" is doing just fine. We had the pleasure of meeting with Robert on the 24th of Sept. with our new family member and I can honestly say this man knows his dogs. He advised me on what pup would suit us with a detailed description of what I wanted for my family and I know I could have not found a better match.He spent his first night in his new environment getting to know everyone and had no problem going straight in his crate and did not whimper until 5:00 am. I would strongly suggest getting your pup from Robert he helped my wife for over an hour knowing he had a long drive ahead of him. He's not just trying to sell dogs he is very much in touch with his breed and concerned for them after the sell which I appreciate. Thanks Robert for a great addition.

Shane & Toni Sizemore September 25th, 2009

Camo Girl Litter T — Robert, this little girl is now four months old and getting pretty big. Her name is Sweet Belle of Alabama - Bella. She is in puppy kindergarten now and loves everyone and loves to play with the other puppies. She is still a little nippy but has excelled in her training. Great prey drive. She is definetely going to be pretty big. She is bigger than other shepherds her size in class, especially those feet. She goes on command to her crate and for the most part (aside from an occasional accident, our fault) is housebroken. She is on course to be in the next level obedience class at the end of the month.

Larry & Dawn Smith September 1st, 2009

Brett, blue girl from Litter I, is the ideal German Shepherd. She's intelligent, quick learning, protective, obedient and athletic. We've moved to Savannah from Athens and she loves the water. So much so that she has been known to jump in a few fountains downtown. You breed wonderful dogs and we know where to go for Brett's next friend.

Sheena and Andrew June 16th, 2009

German Shepherds — I love your site! I can tell you guys are wonderful breeders and yo really care about your German Shepherd Dogs. I have a german shepherd named Loki and I've been wanting to get another one for a while. I called you guys before Christmas about getting a puppy from you. I think this year instead of going on vacation we'll get Loki a brother or sister! =)

LesleyAnne Large March 17th, 2009

A dog's soul is in his eyes. Litter M's Blue Boy is now our Cochise and we are thrilled with him! When we explained what we were looking for in a pup, Drew Bynum and Robert suggested this one and it's as if they were psychic! Cochise is perfect for us. Even our two snobby cats are learning to love him. I can't imagine how we managed without this beautiful, affectionate and intelligent dog. Good work, Robert and Drew!

Diane October 29th, 2008

looking for puppy — Absolultely some of the most beautiful puppies I've ever seen. I'm looking for a new puppt to train for Search and rescue as well as a therapy dog..I can't wait to meet these babies.

Jodi May 19th, 2010

Update on my boy,Drago(purple boy litter I). As I stated before great problem solver. He has now learned to open door knobs(round knobs not levers). He was not taught this he just observed me and learned how. we are now working on closing the door behind him.

Reggie Collins September 11th, 2008

Our Little Guy Webster (Litter J) has settled in and is doing well. He is 100%boy!!!! He has absolutely no fear and is full of confidence. He is not the least bit intimidated by his big sisters (Tita from Litter B and Kolohe from Litter D) or any other dog. He has already started his obedience training. We received a very nice compliment from our trainer who is currently training another GS puppy exactly the same age as Webster. The trainer basically explained how the two puppies’ temperaments were totally different. Unlike the other puppy, Webster is very easy going, eager to learn, progressing nicely with commands, and an all around nice boy. Webster makes him want a puppy. Thank you for another great dog! If you are considering one of Robert's dog please feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to answer any questions or send pictures of our three dogs.

Leanna Mahuka September 9th, 2008

Hello, Just wanted to let you know Kaiser (Red Boy from Litter i) is doing great. His drive and dominance are excellent. His temperament is wonderful and he is growing quite fast as he will be on the large side as you indicated. I am very happy that he fit in IMMEDIATELY with my other dogs (shepherd and mixed mutt mixed) I kid you not when I say Kaiser was house trained in LESS then 24 Hours !!! Yes, less then one day to train him. I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it !! Anyway, Robert's dogs are great and I give him an A+ in all areas and definitely recommend getting your dog here.

Rob H August 1st, 2008

My family and I are interested in adopting a future member for our family from your farm. Your dogs are beautiful. We already own 2 dogs (a german shepard & black lab) that we adopted from a sheltar and they hold a dear spot in our hearts. However, we would like to possibly come for a visit and see first hand, how the dogs interact with your family, how they interact with children and what methods you use to train (or what you recommend) so that in the future we could possibly adopt one as our own. Plus, you are close to us. Thanks

Jennifer Williams & Family June 26th, 2008

Wonderful Dog Just thought I would let you know that Drago (purple boy litter I) is doing great. I am very impressed with his drive ,he does not let anything stop him or get in his way. He has a willingness and ability to learn that is beyond my imagination. He is walking at heel ,following sit command without fail and recalling well. He is crate trained ( after a few nights of whaling and gnashing of teeth) . I could not ask for a better pup. Obviously your breeding standards are working great. It is very refreshing to deal with someone that truly understands the true German Shepherd. I look forward to updating you on Dragos progress Thanks Reggie Collins

Reggie Collins June 20th, 2008

Jack has earned his AKC Canine Good Citizen Certificate! I'm happy to report that Jack, AKA Blue Boy from Litter C and registered as Hans Solo vom Schwarzerhund has passed all ten tests to earn his AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate. I plan to earn more obedience and working titles with Jack since he is such a quick study!

Ronda Dalenberg May 31st, 2008

looking for a new puppy. I found your site looking for my dream dog, a large black German Shepherd. The first time i saw one of these dogs was on a trip to Germany. I saw him and knew instantly that that was the kind of dog i wanted. Your site shows a dedication i am looking for. I currently live on the western slope in Colorado, but will be moving in a few months to the eastern slope. I look forward to seeing your future litters and hopefully purchasing one to bring into a good home.

Garret Bowden May 23rd, 2008

Great Dogs! The two females we purchased are doing wonderful. One just made 1 year and the other is 8 ½ months. They have both grown into beautiful dogs (and still growing). They are extremely smart and well mannered. They both are off-leashed obedience trained and will start personal protection training later this year. We have one of your male pups reserved and look forward to him joining our family. Thank you for your wonderful line of dogs!

Leanna Mahuka May 4th, 2008

i live in Cullman,Al i recently suffered the lost of my own German Shepherd that i grew up with since i was 8 i am now 19 and he recently past. i've been looking forward to finding another German Shepherd for my own future child to grow up with my baby is due this July 3. when i found your site i knew this is the place to get one at. i've looked threw your site and your goals of breeding fit my family well. most places i've looked wanted 1600 and up for a full registered GS. right now i dont have the money to get one but will in a month or so. i've been getting reading for my baby. but when it comes to june i am interest in buying one of your wonderful and beautiful dogs.i look forward to doing buisness with you.

Jorge Lopez April 28th, 2008

Dogs are Gorgeous! Hey, Bro, I was checking out the new puppies and the owner's pics. That sure is a nice feature of your site, and the dogs you've bred are growing up so beautifully! Really nice to see the puppies at their new homes, with new loving owners. See you in June!

Katie April 11th, 2008

2 Female Puppies — Robert was very helpful in the entire purchase process. We live in Colorado and were a little nervous about purchasing a puppy from out of state. Robert made the entire transaction very comfortable. He was friendly and spent time talking to us and answered our many questions and provided very detailed information about the two pups. We purchased Blue Girl a 7 1/2 juvenille from Litter B and Red Girl a 15 week pup from Litter D. Both are excellent pups, high quality and beautiful solid blacks. Very attentive and affectionate. Both dogs will start their training classes next week. When it is time for our 12 1/2 year old male (also solid black) to leave us we will definately purchase either a male pup, juvinelle or purhaps an adult from Robert. If you are considering one of Robert's pup..... I would highly recommend it. Please feel free to contact me anytime for reference (email or cell: 303-324-0293).

Leanna Mahuka December 3rd, 2007

Our puppy — What a joy and delight our puppy Kaiser has been to my family and me!. I recently was diagnosed with cancer, and just petting and loving this little dog has done so very much for me. And my son, whom is mentally retarded, Kaiser is so good with him, loves him and gives him puppy kisses all the time. He and Kaiser run and play outside We told Robert what we were looking for and ur circumstances, and he delivered us a wonderful wonderful gift!

Carol Hudgins November 22nd, 2007

I just want to say what a fine breeder Robert is and speak a little to the quality of his dogs. My vet still cannot get over the fact that Elle was delivered to us in lieu of shipping. I live in Louisville, Ky and recently lost my male shepherd. I have a very dominate 6 year old female and wanted to get her a companion. It could not be a dominate dog nor did i want one that was scared of her shadow. I did not want a puppy but rather a little older dog.Robert suggested Gold Girl (Elle). She is perfect. My adult female loves her and is showing her the "ropes". She has been with us a little over a week and has settled in very nicely. She knows her commands, minds very well for her age, can walk with my adult dog in tandem. I could not be happier with her. Robert, thank you and "Live Long and Prosper" donna lampe

donna lampe November 19th, 2007

Obedience training of juveniles — Thought I'd give an update on the obedience training for the two female juveniles you have for sale. They are both have responded quickly to leash training to heel and sit and are walking quietly at heel and they sit when I stop. I am working on their sit stay and down stay. They have so much energy they have not yet learned to stay for long, but they are learning.

Ronda Dalenberg October 24th, 2007

Litter D Tested — I have completed aptitude testing for the three female pups in Subi's litter by Iago. All three tested with average scores in the 2 range. Very dominant scores for females with strong indicators for obedience/protection training. They are lively girls! Hope you find great homes for them all.

Ronda Dalenberg October 17th, 2007

Great looking Shepherds — I was just looking at your web site and wanted to compliment you guys on how beautiful your dogs are. I have 2 German Shepherds myself and believe there is no better breed of dog. My male,Smoke, is AKC registered and I would like to get a female one day to breed him with.(My female,Prissy,is spayed). Although I'm not able to right now, I would love to get one of your female puppies when I am can. Have a great week, Jesse Reed

Jesse Reed September 11th, 2007

NINA — I have looked a long time for a quality black German Shepherd and finally found it with you Bob. I am very pleased with the pup I purchased from you. Being a retired Police Officer who retired two dogs from our K-9 Unit as well as being the K-9 Unit supervisor, I can attest to the quality of your dogs. Nina is beutiful and smart as a whip. I am so glad I found you on the internet. I am spreading the word about you to all my law enforcement friends. Thanks again for all your hard work, and thank MAX as well. SKIP

Skip Brown September 9th, 2007

I have aptitude tested Pepin's pups. They are a lively bunch! The two males and the sable female tested an overall 2.5 and the black female tested in the 3 range. They are all confident and very outgoing, a joy to work and play with.

Ronda Dalenberg August 15th, 2007

Another beautiful litter — Another gorgeous bunch of pups from the Whitlock front, can't wait to see Litter C. Congrats - your hard work is certainly paying off. We would love to see you if you ever find yourself on the Georgia coast.

Leatha Wheater June 15th, 2007

I enjoyed testing Litter B from Max and Evelyn yesterday. What a great bunch of pups testing mostly in the 2 - 3 range. Will be great obedience dogs and all around pets and home protection dogs. Hope you find them all great new homes soon! Ronda Dalenberg

Ronda Dalenberg June 13th, 2007

Wonderful Site--Beautiful Dogs I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your beautiful dogs. I wish you all the best with this endeavor. I can't wait to visit in January and meet Max face to face.

Katie Winkler December 22nd, 2006

New puppy — We brought Gunner (aka red boy) home a week ago. He is our fourth black GSD raised from a puppy and he has some big paws to fill, since we have had some great dogs, including a Bauernhoffen, but this guy will fit right in. He is very adventerous and obviously a smart pup. I am sure we will love and enjoy him for many years. Robert has some great dogs and I would have liked to bring home two or three from this litter. Well done.

Dennis December 18th, 2006

awesome pups — i bought black boy four days ago. let me tell you, this is a fine animal. the excellent bloodlines are apparent in his temperment and intelligence. his description based on the volhard test was right on so far. last night i got "sam" on video. he just decided to play tug of war with my pant leg. he was hilarious. he is high energy and very intelligent. also, he is such a lover and an affection hog. i am very, very pleased with him and will recommend anyone to robert's dogs.

daniel chase November 28th, 2006

Can't wait to see them in person! Love the site, beautiful dogs and pups. Can't wait to talk to you and set up a time to see the new arrivals.

deandrealucas November 26th, 2006

Great Site! Great Shepards Love the site! These guys are great..beautiful dogs. Hard to imagine a better place to go.

Steven Jones November 22nd, 2006

Great site! What a wonderful, informative site. I will be passing this on to our friends. Nice job!

Leatha Wheater November 18th, 2006

Great Site- Gorgeous Dogs I don't know which impresses me more- the fantastic site or the gorgeous dogs! I am thrilled for you- great job!

Lori Lawrence November 13th, 2006

Pups This is a great site, and amazing pics. We look forward to the next litter of such finely tuned shepherds!

Jud and Becki Jones November 12th, 2006

I enjoyed testing this litter of pups for you. They are all enjoyable to work with and oh so cuddley. I hope you find great homes for them all.

Ronda Dalenberg November 4th, 2006

General Very well-designed site--a pleasure to work through. Descriptions of dogs very thorough and precisely written, and the V-ratings are very useful. Thanks mucho! I'll be back.

Yojimbo November 3rd, 2006